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About Axionz


Axionz Group of Institution is an organization that aims at imparting scientific and technical training in the fields of Civil engineering & Mechanical engineering. It has created a platform for the students coming out from the hundreds of colleges to get trained and avail specialized training certification, which may help students gain mastering over the subjects and ace performers with the required soft skills needed for the success of any modern job aspirants.

Axionz works under the code of ethics of the internationally recognized organization viz American Society of Non Destructive Testing (ASNT) assuring all the prospective trainees a high end quality and commitment to the level of culmination. We take immense pride to share that we have evolved into a full fledged platform for learning as well as an excellent ground for training with a student strength of about 1500 until now and a promising record for job placement since 2012. Working along with our principle motto, mission and vision, Axionz has reached the top notch of professional training. 

 Axionz offers you with a wide range of courses like QA QC COURSES, HVAC COURSES CSWIP CLASSES, MEP COURSES, NDT and many more that are recognized internationally and add significant value to your curriculum vitae. Not only this we also help you sharpen your SAP skills to ensure you meet the requirements for new roles and responsibilities in your organization. Apart from SAP certificate course we also provide Tally, Peach Tree, M S Excel, Quick Books, and manual accounting courses. Axionz, provide an International Diploma in Computerized Accounting and Finance under IAAP – UK. Our principal motto ensures to make students imbibe the concept of education absolutely practical in life. We believe that good education comes with a good, positive and comfortable environment. For the same reason we provide air-conditioned classrooms, access to WIFI connection for references and other educational purposes, laboratory set-up assisted of well-versed lab assistants with the most advanced equipment and are open to newer upgrades.


We train our trainees with the best of our assets, our faculties. Along with their experience and expertise in the field we strive to make learning and teaching delightful experience in a student and teacher oriented atmosphere.  


At Axionz, learning is equipped with practice. Known for our lab facilities, we aim in guiding our students to get total competence, adequate confidence and sound knowledge about their job with special reference to quality control along with our well versed lab instructors.

Internal Internship

We offer Industrial Internship to provide experiences and best opportunities for students to get well acquainted with techniques and technologies.


Axionz holds a proper placement training programs to guide and prepare our trainees and help them secure positions in top companies or niches based in India and Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries.

Message by founder

Welcome to AXIONZ INSTITUTE. From the genesis since 2012, Axionz has come a long way starting right after my graduation. The motive was to uplift bright adult students in the community with booming career opportunities in an affordable cost-promising better standard of living. This institute is my dream. My highly motivated team strives for the growth and improvement in processes and technologies of our students being an exclusive supporting entity. Our efforts bloomed in success and today Axionz is a proud member of international associations and is known as an elite institute providing high-end engineering certification along with expansion from a smaller to internationally valid certification courses. We have upgraded with the pace of this era and fulfilled promises with unmatchable service, upholding our ethics and morale. Our skilled and experienced personnel work together as a family moulding every student’s life by helping them attain a promising future career. Axionz; its faculty, and students are strengthening our community, being an inspiration for future generations. “To accomplish a goal requires love for the work we do and understanding of the abilities of self as well as others whom you work with.”

Hirshan VP

Our Team

Axionz holds a team of efficient, eminent, and well experienced professionals who have years of expertise in the field. Our team are our assets who bring out the mission and vision of our institute into its real nature with effective teaching, proper guidance, appropriate follow ups, support, adequate attention and the like seek to bring out the best out of our trainees.












Quality at Axionz

Axionz is well known for its educational training and the facilities that are uncompromising towards quality. We believe in quality education and have a rigorous quality assurance mechanism designed to ensure that all students get good education and are given all the facilities that are to their convenience and comfort. All the certificates issued at Axionz are trusted and well recognized. Quality of training at AXIONZ is built on sound academic foundation. We ensure to maintain the quality of our courses by conducting reviews, enhancement and through empowerment. A regular feedback from students is taken on the basis of quality of education, staff and other facilities, which is taken very seriously and looked to for advancement.

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Axionz Group of Institute, aims in training, guiding and developing the skills required for a company in candidates with certificate courses that are  internationally recognized and add value to your resume.