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The need for competent personnel to perform NDT tasks is paramount in all industries. In order to determine competency, systems have been devised to ensure that NDT personnel have the proper training, have passed written and practical examinations, and have enough experience to properly perform NDT tasks using the applicable test method or technique. Personnel that have met all three of these requirements are said to be “qualified,” and once qualified they can be certified, which is defined in several different ways under the various NDT systems.


  • Primary and Secondary inspection
  • In service inspection
  • Type of optical aids
  • Temperature measurement testing
  • Type of visual testing measuring equipments
  • Inspection procedure
  • Reporting & recording

Liquid Penetrant

  • Basic process of Liquid penetrant
  • Type of defect via Liquid penetrant
  • Classifications of Liquid penetrant
  • Type-1 Fluorescent Penetrants
  • Type-2 Visible penetrant
  • Methods

Magnetic Particle

  • Classifications of Magnetic particle testing
  • Magnetic Domains,Magnetic Fields ,Hysteresis
  • Loop,Permeability
  • Field Orientation,Classification of material
  • Longitudinal Magnetic & Circular Magnetic Fields
  • Demagnetization,Type of indication


  • Sound spectrum
  • Application of ultrasonic testing
  • Properties of sound,Type of waves
  • Sound characteristics
  • Snell’s law,Method of presentation
  • Type of probes,Type of methods
  • Calibrations,Type of indication
  • Codes & standards


  • Introduction of Radiography testing
  • Introduction of X rays & Gamma rays
  • Activity ‘Ionization, Interaction of Radiation and Matter
  • Half-Value Layer,Geometry Unsharpness
  • Scatter/Radiation Control


  • Film Contrast, Definition & Radiographic Density
  • SFD & Exposure time calculation
  • Absorb dose units ,Type of IQI,Film & screens & Processing
  • Radiography techniques,Radiation safety of Ultrasonic testing
  • Welding inspection
  • Fit up checking
  • Bevel angle checking
  • Defect investigation
  • White & fluorescent light intensity checking
  • Visible solvent removable
  • Dry methods
  • Wet Visible Methods
  • Wet Fluorescent Methods
  • Magnetic field checking
  • Defect evaluation
  • Type of radiography testing with mock up camera

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