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Human race is so quality conscious that they will not accept anything unless the quality of commodities and services is convincingly high. It is equally applicable to the field of professional civil engineering as it is the field of petroleum and allied products.


  • Code and Standards
  • Definitions

Test- Cement

  • Fineness of Cement
  • Consistency Test
  • Initial and Final Setting Time
  • Soundness Test

Test- Aggregate

  • Specific Gravity and Water Absorption
  • Abrasion Test
  • Impact Value
  • Crushing Value

Test- Soil

  • Specific Gravity
  • Compaction
  • Plastic Limit
  • Liquid Limit
  • Core Cutter Method
  • Sand Replacement Method


  • Slump Test
  • Compaction Factor Test
  • Vee-Bee Test
  • Flow Test


Hardened Concrete

  • Comprehensive Strength
  • Lab/ Practical Section Detail
  • Testing Of Cement- Consistency Test, Initial And Final Setting Time, Sieve Analysis
  • Testing Of Soil- Specific Gravity, Plastic Limit And Liquid Limit, Sand Replacement Method
  • Calcium Carbide Method
  • Concrete- Slump Test

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