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We provides a site oriented training programme for the students those who aspire to have a career in the field of Oil & Gas Industry .Our syllabus covers the training on quality control processes and also the impart training in various types of non destructive testing procedures used for quality control in accordance with ASNT (American Standards for Non destructive Testing) Level II procedures for certification.

Since the field of engineering is very vast, we are very much sure of the successful survival of our institution. So we have ample confidence in respect of the regular flow of the flawless students to our institution from engineering colleges and similar institutions based on science and technology situated in India and abroad with special mention to Gulf Corporation Countries (GCC) and African region.


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About 70% of Arab nations have civil constructions, oil mills, refineries, valves, furnaces, mechanical constructions etc. booming of  industrialization lead the middle east as well as the world to the undisputed relevance and scope of this area of study. As for the financial prospect, the

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