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Special Training at Axionz

  • Preparing NDT Personnel & QA/QC Personnel to Know What All Skills Are Required by Industries.
  • Importance Of Construction Standards & Inspection in Mechanical& Civil Field
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • Most Commonly Used Materials in Oil Field
  • Incoming Material Inspection & Test Certificate
  • About ITP (Inspection Test Plan)
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Numbering (1. P – numbering, 2. F – numbering, 3. A – numbering)
  • Piping components
  • Engineering drawing
  • P & ID (Process & piping), structural drawings, equipment drawing, piping isometric drawing

Special Training at Axionz

  • VT – Measuring reinforcement, under fill, under cut, bevel angle, distortion, roof face, roof gap.
  • UT -(With modern equipment) Distance amplitude curve for piping & non piping (vessel, tank and column)
  • AWS D1.1 weld structural scanning, Ultrasonic lamination checking, Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • LPT -Evaluating open to the surface discontinuities using test welds & PT materials
  • UT – Evaluating surface and sub surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials using electromagnets and magnetic powder
  • RT & RTFI – Interpretation& evaluating of radiographic film using viewer . Demo setup & exposing of radiographic film Industrial training for RT(Due to occupancies BARC is not allowed to conduct Radiographic testing inside the Lab)
  • Construction Materials– Introduction to industrial construction materials such as Flange, Elbows,Branches, Reducers, Couplings, Gaskets, etc.

Additional Skills and Services Provided by Axionz

We do not think our responsibility is over by just training our students in the job centered disciplines they are interested in. Making them well succeed in acquiring the avocations of their choice is another on us. We are committed to perform successfully. In fact, appreciable number of job seekers are not capable of presenting themselves well in the interviews and interactions owing to lack of soft skills which make them total losers of attractive job opportunities of their choice. To overcome above said draw backs our students are given ample training in soft skills and also other requisite training in the fields for enabling them to come up with flying colours in setting well placed. Following are some of the SOFT SKILLS Training offered by us
Tackling the Interview confidently Curriculum Vitae Writing Self Confidence Enhancement Positive Attitude Creation Time Management Expertise

Axionz Group of Institute, aims in training, guiding and developing the skills required for a company in candidates with certificate courses that are  internationally recognized and add value to your resume.