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Quantity surveying resources for civil engineers. quantity surveying is broadly concerned with the estimation, planning and control of the cost on construction projects. Risk analysis is an area which should be thoroughly studied to become a successful quantity surveyor.  Quantity surveyors must have the ability to work diligently and cautiously. Also, good communication and analytical skills can greatly enhance the quality of a quantity surveyor’s professional services.



  • Procedure of Estimating
  • Units and Conversion
  • Detail Study of Plinth Area, Floor Area, Carpet Area Etc.

Methods of Estimate


  • Preliminary Estimate- Plinth Area Method with Example
  • Cubic Content Methods with Example.
  • Unit Rate Method with Example.
  • Detailed Estimate- Long Wall and Short Wall Method.
  • Center Line Method.

Building Estimate & Roof

  • Single Room Building
  • Double Room Building
  • Office Building
  • Double Storey Building
  • Estimate of Different Types of Roofs
  • King Post Timber Truss
  • GI Sheet Roof Over Steel Truss

Rcc Works

  • Rcc Slab
  • Rcc Beam
  • T-Beam
  • Column with Foundation
  • Retaining Wall
  • Staircase


  • Road Estimate
  • Mean Sectional Area Method
  • Mid Sectional Area Method
  • Prismoidal Formula
  • Earth Work in Hill Road/ Banking
  • Estimate of Pitching and Slope


  • Analysis of Rates
  • Concrete
  • Brick Masonry
  • Plastering Etc

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