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We train our trainees with the best of our assets, our faculties. Along with their experience and expertise in the field we strive to make learning and teaching delightful experience in a student and teacher oriented atmosphere. Axionz take much efforts to recruit the most efficient and eminent faculty staffs for our students who with their effective teaching, proper guidance, appropriate follow ups, support, adequate attention and the like seek to bring out the best out of our trainees.


Axionz provides certificate courses for various fields that are trusted and well recognized across the fields. Below are list of certificates that are issued at Axionz

Quality Control Engineer

Certified Quality Engineer is one who has a clear knowledge and understanding of the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control. Axionz issues certificate of Quality Control Engineer under NACELL (National Centre For Labour And Learning) that holds the highest credential.

Skill Development Council Canada

Skill Development Council Canada was established to intervene and provide international certifications & standards to the global training community. Assessments and issuing an equivalent qualification are the key to identify the skill of any person. Skill Development Council Canada was launched by TVET experts across the globe to ensure that the assessment and certifications are always supported with technology. They have an 100% digital system with strict security measures.

Corporate Partner Of ASNT

ASNT Certification is the most recognized credential for Non-destructive Testing Industry. Axionz conducts ASNT Level II Certification Examination for disciples in the fields of Radiographic Testing (RT) Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Magnetic Testing (MT)
Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Visual Testing (VT) Radiographic film Interpretation (RTFI)

International Association Of Accounting Professionals (Iaap) Authorised Training Partner

IAAP Certificate adds a professional qualification to one’s portfolio. It helps employers of accessibility professionals to assess accessibility competence. IAAP Certificate defines your commitment and sound knowledge in the field.

SAP Student Member

SAP Certification helps students become more employable and speed up career progression for those who are looking to be places in a SAP environment. The certification is recognized globally and is a standardized criterion for several roles and responsibilities.

RSDCA (Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority) Training Centre

The RSDCA Certificate course enable participants to gain a foothold in the competitive job market, and help them acquire the required livelihood and soft skills. Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority is certified and licensed under the Indian Trust Act of State Government and NCT Delhi, Government of India.

ISHRAE (Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigerating, And Air Conditioning Engineers) Member

ISHRAE Membership is credential while applying for admission to foreign universities. It adds benefit to one’s resume and provide excellent networking opportunities, International exposure, effective platform for marketing and many more.

Lab Facility

At Axionz, learning is equipped with practice. Known for our lab facilities, we aim in guiding our students to get total competence, adequate confidence and sound knowledge about their job with special reference to quality control along with our well versed lab instructors. Our trainees are provided with sufficient facilities in the lab with proper guidance of well versed lab instructors to ensure requisite experience and a learning leads their journey towards professionalism.

Air Conditioner Class Room & Smart Rooms

We understand that learning is done right when comfortable. At Axion, we are very particular about the same and aim to provide the best comfort be it in terms of weather conditions or other facilities. We have well setup classrooms that are spacious, air conditioned and equipped with all virtual facilities combining together to provide a comfortable ambiance for learning.

Industrial Internship

Axionz ensures that its trainees always have an upper hand when it comes to job recruitment. We offer Industrial Internship to provide experiences and best opportunities for students to get well acquainted with techniques and technologies. We make sure that all the practical, theoretical and professional aspects our students come across during training enhance their experience and expertise in the field and make them more confident in handling variety of situations in the futurity in their career. We aim in building them excellent in professional qualification, quality and competence.

Wi-fi Zone

Axion is very well aware of the importance of Internet. In addition to the above said facilities and conveniences we are provide free WIFI Connectivity in our institution. We are also aware of the false use of the same, and take care into such matter a
nd aim to provide our students with online facility especially for reference backing and other related needs. We focus on efficient and effective manipulation of such platforms.

Placement & Career Management Service

Quite analogous to our sincere and wholehearted commitment of bestowing. The students grass root level training in our institute in respect of the subject they adopt, We are also bound to support all our trainees by placing them in proper niches based in India and gulf corporation council (gcc) countries by virtue of inclusion of their resumes In the inventory of job aspirants to be manipulated interactive service program titled Job aspirants awareness campaigns and employer interest feeler Surveys we launch in india and the above said countries with immediate effect. Axionz holds a proper placement training programs to guide and prepare our trainees and help them secure positions in top companies or niches based in India and Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries.

14 Years of Excellence

The year 2021 marks the twelfth anniversary of Axionz. We are glad to celebrate and share this happiness with all of you by gifting 100% free-of-cost education for 100 students in our institute. Please enroll yourself in the scholarship qualification exam and grab this opportunity to achieve in all aspects of your life.

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