Professional Diploma in Petroleum
Operations and Quality Management


Course Overview

The “Professional Diploma in Petroleum Operations and Quality Management” course is tailored for non-engineering graduates seeking to establish a solid foundation and ascend in the field. The curriculum encompasses a comprehensive range of topics designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills vital in the oil and gas industry. Covering construction materials fundamentals, American codes and standards, QA/QC processes, 6 NDT methods (UT, PT, MT, VT, RT & RTFI), inspection and test plan creation, engineering drawing interpretation, welding and material inspection, and more. The course features three advanced industrial projects focusing on Structural (Advanced), Piping (Advanced), and Non-Piping (Advanced) domains, providing a practical bridge between theory and application. With an international orientation, this program not only imparts expertise in quality control, quality assurance processes, and a variety of Non-Destructive Testing procedures but also delves into welding inspection, pipeline sessions, American codes and standards, and inspection and test plan development. The course assures 100% placement through Axionz in reputable organizations, offering students a confident launchpad into a successful career within the dynamic Oil & Gas Industry. Embrace the “Professional Diploma in Petroleum Operations and Quality Management” to gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience that will pave your path to excellence.

Key Components

  1. Fundamentals of construction materials.
  2. In-depth study of American Codes and Standards.
  3. Rigorous training in Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes.
  4. Mastery of 6 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Methods: UT, PT, MT, VT, RT & RTFI.
  5. Skill development in creating Inspection and Test Plans.
  6. Proficiency in interpreting Engineering Drawings.
  7. Thorough understanding of Welding techniques, Material Inspection, and more.
  8. Additionally, the course incorporates three challenging Industrial Projects:
  • Advanced Structural Project
  • Advanced Piping Project
  • Advanced Non-Piping Project


Total 13 Certification – SDC Canada International Certification, ASNT Level II Certification, 3 Project certification, Certification for Industrial Safety, Certification for Pipeline Engineering, Certification for APT Session

Eligibility Requirement

Non-Engineering Graduates

Placement Assistance

Guaranteed 100% Placements with lifelong support through the Axionz Job Hub.

Course Duration

6 Months

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